Check- in: takes place before 11 p.m. (23.00 hours).
Guests must show to the receptionist a valid document of identification and may ask whichever information they need.

Payment for the stay must be made on the first day of arrival.

Check-out: Guests are expected to leave the room by 10.00 a.m. of the day of
departure. In case of delay the Guest has to pay for the whole day.

Time of re-entry is fixed by 11.00 p.m. (23.00 hours)
Services available to the Guests:
* Choice of stay in single, double and triple bed rooms with services;
* Daily cleaning of the rooms and common areas;
* Bed linen and towels are provided;.
* TV-room with refrigerator and automatic distributor of drinks and snacks;
* Garden;
* Use of the convent Chapel.
The Management is not responsible for theft or any damages to baggage left
unattended, and also for the loss of objects inside the rooms or in the external areas of the House.

In order to guarantee harmony and serenity in the House, one’s own security and that of the other Guests, the Management requests the observance of the following behavioural norms:

  1. Guests must respect the timetables of access to the House. The Management
    determines the exceptions.
  2. The key of the room must be left at the Reception desk when going out.
  3. Guests must behave in such a way that their conduct does not disturb or, in any case,
    does not offend others or hinder the services.
  4. Guests are expected to care for the preservation of the material and of the premises
    made available for personal or common use. Damages caused to things should be
    compensated to the House.
  5. It is strictly forbidden to carry weapons into the House.
  6. Animals are not allowed into the House. It is also forbidden to hang linen out of the
    windows, to smoke in the entire structure and to consume alcoholic drinks and various
    foods in the room. There is the TV-room for recreational activities.
  7. It is always opportune to have a comportment suitable to the ambient and, in
    particular, to wear clothes in accordance with modesty and to observe silence after
    the hour of closure (23.00 hours).
  8. In the rooms, in the corridors and in the TV-room, Guests are invited to avoid loud
    speaking, noises, and assemblages that may disturb others.
  9. Guests are also invited to keep the volume of their ‘mobile’ low and to use a
    moderate tone of voice.
  10. It is strictly forbidden to use electrical or gas gadgets (small stoves, iron) in the rooms,
    save in special cases at the discretion of the person in-charge.
    Defaults in the observance of the above norms may result in the loss of the rapport of
    hospitality with the house.