The House

The Holiday House “Ursuline Institute of Mary Immaculate” offers hospitality to groups, families and individuals, who wish to visit Rome on pilgrimage or on a tourist visit.

The house has 20 rooms including single, double and triple rooms, all with private bathroom for a total of 32 beds.

All rooms are tastefully furnished and allow guests a peaceful and comfortable stay.

A comfortable relaxation room with vending machines for hot / cold drinks and snacks, TV, kettle and fridge is available for guests. All the rooms are covered by free WIFI.

The service offered is overnight only.


Takes place until 11.00 pm. (23 hours).

The Guest is required to show the reception staff a valid identification document.

Upon arrival, the Guest is required to settle the bill for the entire stay and can contact the reception for any information.


Guests are expected to leave the room by 10.00 a.m. on the day scheduled for departure. In case of delay the Guest will  have to pay for the whole day.